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Robert A.D. Rankin P.M. Sec. 354Brethren, we ought to see that there is a necessary and practical connection between our Faith and our Order. I am certain that Freemasonry flourishes because our lodges fulfil not only works of charity, mercy and benevolence , but also encourage men in matters of faith and duty; it is simply because men in every lodge learn and practise what they believe to be the will of the most high God.

We must not be sleeping lethargic Masons. We must be active, alert, dedicated, motivated and concerned Masons. Let us rise, my Brethren, to opportunity, to challenge, to need. Let us lift up our eyes to the hills whence cometh our help. Let us lift up our minds to the sun that brings light and more light to all mankind. Let us stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellow man. Let us kneel heart to heart with God.

In addition, the lessons of the Tools of the Craft surely apply not only to our labours and ourselves but also to our example and our teaching. Remember, Brethren a lodge is only strong and prosperous in the strength of those pillars which uphold it, the dignity, beauty, truth and morality of its example...this is how Masons are made.

Brethren, too many of us lose sight of the fact that Masonry stands for the things that are eternal - that it has a mission and that mission is to bring men closer together in one great human family. If we keep Masonry's mission uppermost in our minds and live truly Masonic lives, the glories of our Craft can be made apparent to all. It would immediately cure our poor attendance worry. The practice of the science of Masonry can be exciting and full of satisfaction. Meetings become more interesting because we look forward to associating with our Brethren in the fraternal fellowship. We must work to fully discharge our responsibilities to the Craft. It requires the very best that we can give it in time and talents. It needs patience and hard work, but in it there is great joy and satisfaction . Let us all remember that we are trustees of an ancient philosophy and a way of life that has come down to us across the centuries and which contains a priceless heritage. We must maintain and strengthen these blessings that they may be handed on to those who come after us.

So, Brethren, we come to the end of 150 years of our Lodge's existence. I am proud to state that The Caledonian Railway Lodge is in good heart, sound financially, and with keen young members ready, able and willing to take office in the coming years. We have seen that, through all the years, there have been dedicated Masons who have applied their fullest energies to further the interests of our lodge. And so it will be in the future. We hand on to our successors a lodge in good heart, with many young and keen members who, we are sure, will emulate the example of our forebears in upholding the principles of Freemasonry in general, and the good name of The Caledonian Railway Lodge.

Robert A. D. Rankin
Robert A.D. Rankin P.M. Sec. 354



       2011 The Caledonian Railway Lodge