First Friday of every month -
 except January & August,
 when it will be the third Friday.
Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow Grand Lodge of Scotland

Scotland   United Kingdom



Master :   BRO. William D Shankland PM
I.P. Master:  
Senior Warden:   BRO. Thomas Campbell
Junior Warden:   BRO John Nevitt PM
Secretary:   BRO. Robert A.D. Rankin PM
Treasurer:   BRO. Colin J Hutton PM
Almoner:   BRO. Robert B McConnell PM
Senior Deacon:   Vacant
Junior Deacon:   BRO. Archie MacInnes
D.O.C:   BRO. James Coyne PM
Chaplain:   Vacant
Sword Bearer:   BRO. Alan W Hutton
Bible Bearer:   BRO. John Forrest
Inner Guard:   BRO. James Dickie
Tyler:   BRO. Thomas Rankin




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